Only two things we will regret on deathbed – that we are a little loved and little traveled.

Tailor-made programs

Our tailor-made programs are fully personalized to your specific interests and travel wishes: services are privately arranged for you or your group.

Support to overland expeditions and rallies

Owadan Tourism offers accommodation, transportation and guide services for expatriates, and can also put together a variety of short trips to various destinations.

Visa support

Owadan Tourism is licensed to apply
at the state visa authority for Letters of Invitation (LOI) for travelers requiring a Tourist Visa

Accommodation and meals

Owadan Tourism has contracts with a large number of hotels in Turkmenistan sowe can offer room reservations in hotels of various categories.

Tour guide and excursions

Owadan Tourism has its own guides who have been trained and licensed by the Tourism Committee of Turkmenistan and work in different languages.

Expatriates travel support

Owadan Tourism offers accommodation, transport and guide services to expatriates and their visiting friends or family, and can compose various day trip or short breaks to various destinations.

MICE Service Support

Owadan Tourism does offer best forms of assistance to MICE travelers.


Transit traveler Support

Owadan Tourism can offer transportation, accommodation, or excursions to locations along the way from one land border to the next.

Transportation and ticketing

Owadan Tourism owns a wide variety of vehicles, and employs its own drivers, in order to offer safe, clean and comfortable overland travel.

Support for those arriving by ferry from Baku

Owadan Tourism can support such adventurous travelers with flexible visa support, accommodation and transport arrangement.

Traditional dinner show

On certain holidays Owadan Tourism hosts traditional holiday dinner.

Custom Tours

Tailor-made programs are fully personalized to your specific interests and travel wishes: services are privately arranged for you or your group. While visa support, accommodation and transportation are compulsory components of such programs, they allow for flexibility in tour duration (from 3 to 20 days), in accommodation comfort levels (from camp arrangements to 5-star hotel room reservations), in means of transport (from off-road jeep safari transport, to road travel, and train and air travel), in meal arrangements (bed and breakfast, half board or full board meal services), and in guide and interpretation services (fully guided tours, local excursions or non-guided stay). You can find a selection of program ideas in the section Sample Programs. Programs can be completely adjusted to your wishes with the help of the advice of our sales team. Tailor-made programs are also available from our sales team for groups with special interests, such as:

Fixed departure tours



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